About Us


Forces and Fire’s Inc. mission is to provide a safe outdoor recreational experience for any disable/combat veteran, firefighter or law enforcement officer and their families, where they can utilize their strengths and their independence. We will show them that they have not been forgotten and will give them an opportunity to succeed, and realize their contribution to their community and family. Forces and Fire Inc. was founded on the belief that it our mission to help any veteran, firefighter, or law enforcement officer that was injured in the line of duty to be able to enjoy a outdoor recreational experience with other people that are going thought the same experience they’re going though. We will encourage that families be part of this experience. Forces and Fire Inc. would like to give a veteran, firefighter, or law enforcement office the ability to enjoy a outdoor active with their family or by themselves that would not be possible because of the injury they has received, do to their line of duty injury.  It might be as simple as setting a fishing trip up for a family because it would be hard to obtain that experience for a person that was active and know is confined to a wheel chair, or it may involve a hunting trip for a (father, son or daughter; mother, son or daughter) that would be hard to obtain because of the line of duty injury.  Forces and Fire Inc. is managed and operated by unpaid firefighters and veteran. It is a group that works with veterans, firefighters and law enforcement officers to ensure that they have an opportunity to integrate back into civilian life. It is so important to help all of the people that have served this county; whether they are a veteran, firefighter or law enforcement officer every day they go to work they are there to serve and protect the people of this great nation. We want to show them that they are not forgotten. These individuals have no ability or money to complete these activities on their own and without charitable donations the activity of charity will cease to exist.  The purpose is charitable as these activities cannot occur without donations that are deductible to the donor. No one profits from our activities, but we do hope that everyone that is involved with our organization whether volunteering or using or services profit from the emotional and psychological support and builds bond that last a life time.