Forces and Fire


                                           Why You Should Support Our Group

     Forces and Fire, Inc.s mission is to provide a safe outdoor recreational experience for any disabled/combat veteran, firefighter, or law enforcement officer and their families, where they can enhance their strengths and independence as a family. Our goal is to let them know that their contribution is realized and has not been forgotten.

     Forces and Fire, Inc. was founded on the belief that we will help any disabled/combat veteran, firefighter, or law enforcement officer that was injured in the line of duty and to enjoy an outdoor recreational activity with others that have experienced the same, with their families. We provide these outdoor experiences that would not be possible otherwise because of their injuries incurred in the line of duty.

     Some of the outdoor recreational activities will be fishing, deer hunting and turkey hunting. These experiences will give family members the opportunity to see the rehabilitation of their loved one, especially when they were so active before their injury and may now be confined to a wheel chair.

     Forces and Fire, Inc. is managed and operated by unpaid volunteer firefighters and veterans. Our work is to ensure that these heros have an opportunity to integrate back into civilian life. Our goal is to serve those that have given so much to serve and protect our freedom.

     These outdoor recreational activities are not possible without the charitable donations made by you. 100% of all donations go towards the disabled/combat veteran, firefighter, and law enforcement officers, and are deductible to the donor. The benefit from your support will build bonds that will last a lifetime.

     Please help us make our mission a reality.

Thank You for Your Support

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